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RaviChandra GadiRaviChandra Gadi 

Lightning Bundle name 'camping' is already defined. Please choose a different name.

Hello All,

Having issue with camping Lightning component.

I have created Lightning componet saying 'camping' but I then deleted it (using File Delete) but still I see it is there in Lightning components (when I opened in classic from quick finder using Lightning components). The problem is now I am not seeing in File open to open it and when I am trying to create a new camping it says the name camping is already defined.

Please help me.

Thank you in advance!

Ravi Gadi.
RaviChandra GadiRaviChandra Gadi
Ignore... I got this :)
Sangeetha MadrasiSangeetha Madrasi
Hi whenver i give any name to my bundle it is showing me illegal 

Pleae help 
Derek Bennett 5Derek Bennett 5
how did you fix. im having the same issue
RaviChandra GadiRaviChandra Gadi
1. Have you opened your lighting component in developer console and then performed Click File ---> Delete (to delete the bundle)?

2. And create new Lighting component with the same name and Is that you are still having the issue?

3. Are you seeing your lighting component in Salesforce UI even after deleting? (Here in UI = Setup -> quick find -> lighting components)
Harjeet Makkar 13Harjeet Makkar 13
I opened the camping.app (if its not already open) by clicking on File/ Open lightning resources/ . Then clicked on file / delete and then i was able to create camping.cmp
Chandrika Pidathala11Chandrika Pidathala11
If you do not want to delete the bundle, you can rename the old one safely using select Id, DeveloperName from AuraDefinitionBundle -> Change DeveloperName and save rows.