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Stuart JamesStuart James 

Core Component Test Coverage

Hello All, 

I have some queries about Core Components in salesforce. As per my screenshow below there are some core lightning components in salesforce which have 0% test coverage. Given there is a requirement for salesforce development to have a 75% code coverage on deployments I am wondering if I failed to bring in an external package or something to cover the classes with the 0% percent coverage?

the main reason is that I am noticing a 2% shift between the UI test runner and the metadata test runner (so my 77 is actually a 7%) and I just want to have a bit more breathing room in my deployments moving forward. 

The pre-requisite for a package to be installed is to have atleast 75% code coverage.
There is a known issue with the Developer Console prevents it from updating code coverage correctly when running a subset of tests.
To update your code coverage results, use Test | Run All rather than Test | New Run.
Need not worry on the coverage for salesforce core components.