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Tracking Emails

Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused about the whole logging emails in salesforce. I have built a workflow rule to send and email to a email address within a custom email field if a certain value in a picklist = true. The field is in the cases object.

If the receipient resonds to that email, how can that email automatically get logged to the case?

Hi Nevin,

Salesforce uses EmailMessage object to log email into sfdc system. 
First of all, you need to enable Email-to-Case functionaltiy if your service cloud and then need to write trigger logic to log new incoming email and get logged into case. 

We have implemented the same logic in our org. 
Please let me know if you need assitance on this. You can contact me on below details.

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Just setup and Email-To-Case for your org that would do. No need for a trigger.
Below is the URL for setting it up :

Do remember to setup an On-Demand Service.
Let me know if that helped.
I have setup the email to case and it works fine. The only problem that I am facing is that if the client is replying to the email sent from Salesforce it is not being captured in the record.

I have already selected that the email thread Id be captured in the subject and the footer of the email. 
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to touch base with you again on this. Here is where I am so far and also the issues that I am facing
  • Setup Email To Case
  • Setup a test outlook email account
  • Email to case is working fine, they are capturing outgoing and incoming emails to the relevant record.
  • I have created a custom email field and added a specific email address to that field
  • Created Email Template
  • Created a workflow rule to send an email to the email populating the custom email address field when a certain criteria is met. 
  • Issue that I am facing is that I need to outgoing email address to be the same email address that I have added to the Email To Case but it is the email address of the case owner that is being sent out.
  • Because of this the emails are not being captured on the record. 

Any ideas? 
Ok, so for the custom email field, how are you populating the email address?
Hi Nevin,

We cannot set default From address for Email-to-Case via just configuring, for this we need to write apex code. 

The same idea has already being posted on Salesforce community. Here is the link : https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000kdRmAAI

Still you can try by setting something like below:

You need to set OW email address here. Administer >Email Administration > Organization-Wide Email Addresses.
For the WF you need to set default WF email address under Workflow>Setting.

Hope this helps.

Email: gauravgarg.nmims@gmail.com
Hi guys,

I am sending emails from within a case record and it is going to the recipient fine. The issue that I am facing is the incoming mails are getting lost, they are not landing in the case record. 

I know that you can set up email to case whereby I redirect all incoming mail to a Salesforce unique address, but what if I (the agent) take over a case and I want to interact with the client. How can these emails be logged in salesforce?  I can't forward all incoming mails from my own work email address to salesforce, this doesn't make any sense. Surely I'm missing something here..
Well it is recommended to not use your personal id for Email-to-Case for the very same reason.
What I would suggest you is to put a conditional case forwarding from your personal email address.
Something like if the email subject contains something like "Please raise a case", then forward it to salesforce or not.
Hi Vineet,

Email-to-Case if fine, I get that it would not be best practice to assign a personal email address to that. My question is once the case has been raised and a record has been created on Salesforce and the case has been assigned to a user. How can that person send and receive emails to the client from within salesforce whereby all of these emails are being tracked?

So when a user sends an email from Salesforce the recepient sees that the email was sent from the users personal email address. Then replies to that email. How does that get captured?

First I would like to know, what medium are the users using to send out the email.
Also you can ask the users to send the email using the sendEmail button on the case itself, and while sending out the email select the from address from the drop down picklist, as the correct email-to-case email.
HI Vineet,

They will be using the Salesforce platform to send the emails. They are using Lotus Notes. 
So by default if the record owner replies to an email he needs to change the 'From' email address to one that has been setup in Email-to-Case?
Are they not just able to send via their own email address? I know that they can but when a client replies, the email is not being recorded on Salesforce.
Ok, just test the above cycle with your email, and let me know what is the from address that you get, when the agent sends out an email to you.
That may help to get some clear picture.
I have already tested this and the 'From' email address is the record owners email address.
Send the email from the case record page and select the from address as the email-to-case email. 
This is not getting set correctly through lotus notee.
But this is what I am trying to get at. If you want all email correspondence related to a case to be logged on the case then you cannot use your own personal work email account to do this right? It needs to be a universal email addres that has been used to setup email-to-case first and which has also been configured to forward all incoming emails to a Saleforce unique email address, and that is why you cannot use your own email address (Which is more than likely going to be the one assigned to your user account). 

Is that right or is that wrong? 
Yes correct, you need to have a universal email address (this email should be different from that on the user record)
Deepika Chauhan 17Deepika Chauhan 17
Hi NevDev,
I would like to suggest you install ChimpConnect, an application that integrates MailChimp and Salesforce together to optimize your email marketing campaigns.
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Hope this helps!