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Lead generation Project

Hi all

I want to develop a crm project for construction companies which is i want to track the leads from external system and upload in to salesforce objects and the qualified leads are converted into contacts and accounts and also track the how many leads are converted into opportunities and how many opportunities are converted into contacts and accounts. I want to create reports on this lead convertion. 
How we make leads duplicate data cleaning

To achive this where i need to focus.
what key points or any tips or suggestions.

Thanks in Advance
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Dhriti Moulick 16Dhriti Moulick 16
1. Use Data Loader tool,freely available for SF, to cleaning up your Duplicate lead records.
2.You can either do it by writing custom logic using Apex Trigger to restrict creating duplicate records.

Sampath palli 2Sampath palli 2
Thanks Vineet for Reply and Suggestions
Sampath palli 2Sampath palli 2
Thanks Dhriti For your Reply 
Jack DonaldsJack Donalds
A contact leads database is a readily available and structured collection of personal information about different companies - https://getprospect.com/b2b-contact-database . Typically, a typical contact leads database will give users the names of the owners, the office manager, and the names of any of the people employed by the business. Many of these databases are customized to meet the needs of various marketing communications agencies. They contain contact information that pertains to the major customer bases of many companies.