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Tyler ZikaTyler Zika 

Move a record from one component to another.

I have a component, that based on a boolean, displays the proper records
<c:Items completed="false"/>
<c:Items completed="true"/>
I have a press lightning event that updates the record on the page.User-added image
When I refresh the page, the item goes to the completed list.
User-added image
How do I make this item go to the other component without refreshing the page? 
Aabhi BattaAabhi Batta

We can move data from one component to another by using the application event or component event . 

Check below the Link :


Tyler ZikaTyler Zika

My code shown is the same component though.
Aabhi BattaAabhi Batta

It is possible to change the value without refreshing the page . Will you please share the code?  It will helpful to solve the problem.
you can create an event and listener in the same component. Whenever you select an item in the listening JS method slice the item from the current items and set it to the attribute that displays in the completed items.