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Christopher S. KimChristopher S. Kim 

Custom Last Modified Date only when certain fields (a list of 20+) are changed - Account/Person Account/Contact

Hello, I am working on this trigger where I want to update a custom date field only when certain fields on the table are changed. I am assuming that Contact and Person Account has shared fields, so how would I create this trigger? (may be 1 for Account and another for Contact?)

Thank you, a simple example would be great! :)
Ankit Gupta@ DeveloperAnkit Gupta@ Developer
Hi Chris,

If you are modify the contact for person account . Contact trigger should be executed . I think you will have to write trigger on object object.

Hi Chris,

The trigger should be on Account's object, as workflow rules and trigger does not gets fired on updates to person contacts fields, also the fields being special fields present in both account and contact, it will automatically be update in the contacts object as well when you update them on the account.