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Issue while Uploading file more then 1 mb to Force.com site page

I am having issue while uploading file to a force.com site page... It throughs error 'Unauthorized' although submission goes well when file is less then 1MB.
If there some trigger or javascript that is stopping this?
Can you refer the exact error message?

Hi Vineet,

I am getting 'Unauthorized' error message..

Basically what I am trying to achieve is:

I have setup a Force.com site public page (a visualforce page with controller). And I am trying to do a Jquery POST to that Visualforce page.

In controller I have some code to process the uploaded file data.. It works fine as long as Size of the file is less then 2 MB..

I'm not sure if this a salesforce limitation or it's your jquery causing it.
Can you try looking in the console to get any clue from there?

No js error ..

As I mentioned I am getting 401 http error that means request got processed by server..

No 401 error means that you request didn't process at all at the server, server returned you the error saying that you are not authorised to do this operation.
401 : The request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.

Is it some trial version jquery plugin?