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In my home page i am not able to see the dashboard even i have included the dashboard in homepage components.

Siva SakthiSiva Sakthi
Hi Rajagopal,

Try to customize the Home page Layout.  Setup->Build->Customize ->Home->Home Page Layouts-> Click Edit link DE Default -->Select Dashboard Snapshot --> Check with Preview -> Click Save.
Do you have the permission to view the dashboard?
Check if the folder containing the dashboard, has your access over it.
Hi Vineeth,

How can i give the permission to view the dashboard.

Please send me the steps.

Thanks in advance...


Hi Siva Sakthi,

This is i tried in Personal edition and i did the same thing what ever you sent the steps, but still not able to see any dashboard.

this msg showing

Rajagopal M.

Yea, you need to ask your Administrator to do that for you.
Also, just try accessing the dashboard from the Dashboard tab, and see if you are able to see it or not.