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Stacey HusseyStacey Hussey 

Flow launched by custom button doesn't show finish button

I have a flow that I am launching from a custom button on the account page, which launches a visualforce page in a new window. For some reason my flow isn't showing a Finish button. It shows the Previous and Next buttons in the flow, and they are selected to show in the Flow itself which makes me think my custom button page isn't written correctly. When the flow is at the end, I click next and it does end the flow and opens the account page in that same window (which is another separate issue because i want it to close the current window and bring me to the accoutn page where i started - in my instance I have the account page open where I started my flow, and then another duplicate window at the end of the flow.) Any help regarding the finish button would be appreciated!

<apex:page standardController="Account"> <apex:variable var="varGuest" value="{!Account.ID}"></apex:variable> <flow:interview name="Call_Script" finishlocation="{!URLFOR('/'+varGuest)}"> <apex:param name="varGuest" value="{!Account.ID}"/> </flow:interview> </apex:page>
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Stacey HusseyStacey Hussey
I actually did see that link but I wasn't sure what to do with it or how to apply it in order to fix my situation. Do I need to add the apex class?