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Riaan Bekker 13Riaan Bekker 13 

My Trailhead badges are not showing in our partner portal

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Riaan Bekker 13 ,

If you want to see your trail head badges in the partner community then follow the below navigation.

Login to partner communtiy==>below your profile name there are three links==>About me==>Forum Activity==>Trail Head.

Click on the Trail Head link and then you will be able to see the badges completed.

As i can see there are 11 trail head badges completed in  your account.

Please find the screen shot below of your trail head badges.

User-added image
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Best Regards,
Miguel BayónMiguel Bayón
Hi Riaan,

I was having the same problem and (finally) found a solution. My issue was that I had two email accounts connect to the same Trailhead account, so I removed the one I was not using and re-connected the Trailhead account to the Partner Account. Now, my badges are showing under the Education tab.

Hope it helps!
amna sajjadamna sajjad
  Yes sam problem i also face in my accounts why this happen (https://cookinggearlab.com/best-electric-smoker-under-200/) can you please explain this to me .