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Swaraj Behera 7Swaraj Behera 7 

LeadId in opportunity

In my current requirement i want to get all the attachments from lead and need to attach it in the opporunity after conversion.I have created a trigger in opportuniy but it did not work.Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks in Advance.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Swaraj Behera 7,

Using a SOQL query I was able to retrieve all of the notes and attachments separately, then iterating through each of the notes and attachments individually - I create new instances of a note or attachment and assign the values from those retrieved notes and attachments. After the creation of each note or attachment I add those to an insertList for each respective one and then add this insert insertListAttachment and insert insertListNotes.
This allowed me to convert the attachments and notes from a lead object.

Note:  Be sure to check the standard fields for a note and attachment object.

If you are talking about using a trigger to do all of this?
Well, the way that I did it was by creating a custom button that executes a javascript function when clicked. This javascript executes an apex class. Inside of the javascript, I retrieve the current lead id and then pass this information to the class. Using this leadID I create SOQL queries that retrieve all the information related to that particular leadID. I then proceed to use the information from the lead to create a new project and pass the lead info to that newly created project. Then I simply insert this project. My method might require a little bit of programming experience. Let me know if you would like some help with the issue.

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