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suneel kumar 32suneel kumar 32 

Standard buttons like new,edit are not visible for community users in salesforce1 mobile app.

Hi frnds,
     I created a community with napili template and created a tab(navigation menu) which contains a custom object.In deskop,We are able to create records of that object but once we login into community from salesforce1 app in mobile,we are unable to create records as "New" button is not visible. Let me know if anyone has some solution to it...
Is your new button overridden with a custom VF page?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi suneel Kumar,

Make sure if your buttons are overridden with visual force page if so make it as "Available for Salesforce mobile apps". To set this, in the setup menu, go to visual force page (Develop > Pages), open the visual force page there and there you will be able to set this checkbox.

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suneel kumar 32suneel kumar 32
I didn't override my vf page.I am able to view buttons when I open in browser(desktop).Only in mobile I have issue
Go to the buttons section of your object, and check if the New button has been over ridden with a VF Page.
If yes, the you will have to check the "Available for Salesforce mobile apps and Lightning Pages" checkbox to be made available for mobile