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Swapnil Patne 20Swapnil Patne 20 

Visualforce page & Global actions-- Issues with making Visualforce page available in global actions


I have a VF page called "“Candidate_SpeculativeCVSend”" and want to make it available for global actions, but for some reason it doesn't appear under selection option (see attached picture).

Strangely other VF pages are available but the above. Can someone assist on what could be the reason for the above issue? Is is this something related to setting on VF page etc?

Appreciate help in advance.

All other VF pages are available but "“Candidate_SpeculativeCVSend"" is not..
Ishwar ShindeIshwar Shinde

Please enable your VF pafe for mobile and then try again.

To enable a Visualforce page for Salesforce1:
From Setup, enter Visualforce Pages in the Quick Find box, then select Visualforce Pages.
Click Edit for the desired Visualforce page.
Select Available for Salesforce mobile apps and Lightning Pages then click Save.

Hope It will help.
Swapnil Patne 20Swapnil Patne 20
Hi Ishwar, thanks for your quick reply, but I've already enabled it- see below and it still doesn't show..User-added image
Joseph RichterJoseph Richter
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Javier ArguedasJavier Arguedas
Hey Swapnil where you able to solve the issue? I am having the same problem.