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There is a limitation of merging only 3 accounts or 3 contacts in single go.
In my scenario: I have total of 280,000 records which contains duplicate records as well.
In total unique records count should be only 45K.
There is a lot of manual activity we have to follow while merging duplicate Accounts to a single unique account as we can merge at max 3 accounts at a time. i.e. for 800 duplicate records I have to perform same activity around 600 times.

I can not delete all accounts from Salesforce and export them to excel and do the modification on excel, as I have a complex hierarchy as 1 Account having multiple contacts (with all fields), again one contact is mapped to multiple Campaigns.
Exporting all such fields and hierarchy in excel is not possible and again on excel we have to perform lot of manual efforts.

Kindly fix the limitation of merging more than 3 accounts at a time.
Any suggestions/tool help is appreciated as we are facing challenges to simplify this task.
Call me in case of any issues.

CRM- Business Manager 
Hi All,

                I have a two Accounts----that is Account A
                                                                         Account B

         For my Account A have 5 contacts,
         For my Account B have 3 contacts    my goal is i have to merge Account A to Account B in this i have to assign the Account A contacts to Account B, without removing contacts from Account A.. How can i start my work to achieve this functionality ..any suggestions..



My organization has about hundreds of account records with the name of "ABC" each with different account numbers and addresses. I'm suppose to pick only 2  "ABC" accounts with the same account number to merge. 


However, the account merge option seems to only allow me to search via the account names, which give me hundreds of results (all with the same account name "ABC"). I'm unable to differentiate the accounts as it does not display the account number and addresses.


Are there any other ways to merge duplicate account? Help?

  • January 04, 2013
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