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I have a .net web service api that successfuly creates the records, using the enterprise wsdl, as the responses are success accompanied by the salesforce ID, yet I don't see the records in the custom object in salesforce.
I am trying to insert multiple records into a custome object. I've tried using the EnterpriseWSDL and I get errors as well as with the PartnerWSDL. I've seen the metadataWSDL is also a way, but I have not found examples of it. How has this been done historically?
Got the following error: BATCH STATUS (Id:State:NumProcessed:NumErrors:Message): 751W0000002IO6gIAG:Failed:0:0:Got an unexpected error while processing BULK-API. Contact support with error ID: 515182827-79513 (1034479691) 

Caused by: [AsyncApiException
- exceptionCode='InvalidBatch'
- exceptionMessage='Records not processed' ]
I am trying to create a new order programmatically (c#) using the CreateAsync method but although it returns a unique ID, I am unable to find the order created within the Salesforce back office.

The following is an extract of the code:

Salesforce.Force.ForceClient myforceclient = new ForceClient(instanceUrl, accesstoken, apiVersion);
dynamic order = new ExpandoObject();
(then create all the properties, ie AccountID, ContractID etc)

Then implement the CreateAsync
 var orderres = myforceclient.CreateAsync("Order", order);
  • February 27, 2017
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I'm new to the Force IDE. I was on the latest version of Java (Version 8, Update 31), latest version of Mac OX 10 Yosemite, and when I try to save a new trigger I created, I get the following popup error:

Unable to open Apex Code Editor.

null argument:

I've googled for this and found someone having this issue with an old version of Java, but I'm on the latest version of Java and still having this problem. Any idea?

When Trigger.IsInsert and Trigger.IsUpdate fires?


Is it 'before' event or 'after' event or both?

  • August 13, 2013
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In a pageblock table I want to render more than one records returned by statndardcontroller or extension controoler.

How can I specify the recordId or the record index in pageblock table?



sr no.                   name                  age              city

1)                          tom                   22               boston

2)                           jim                       33              ny

3)                         shaun                     34               LA


I can retrieve name,aga and city.. but my controller can not get record index

i.e 1 for Tom

2 for Jim

3 for shaun etc.

Is there any way to render dynamically in visualforce?

I have a trigger set up on an object to trigger after an update.  If I do the update manually it works just fine.  However, if I do a mass update using the Data Loader the trigger doesn't get invoked.
Is there a way to force the trigger while using the Apex Data Loader?
  • November 18, 2008
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Hi everyone, sorry may be this questions already was asked before, but i dont found answer on my question.
on this page
i see sample with bulk operation for java, but i dont found some  sample or docs for .NET  library,
please let me know  how it possible  to create jobs,batches  via Force.com-Toolkit-for-NET
thank you very much!!