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Hi!! :D
Hope everyone are fine!
I found these amazing gadget (beacon) and I was thinking if there is something to do with these ones and Salesforce (I hope). Has anyone work with these gadgets and SFDC?
I appreciate your collaboration.


Can anyone tell me :

Am I missing something or it's not possible to create a lookup relationship to Articles ?

Thats something i definitely need.

So, at this point, should I create something like a String field on my Custom Object that will store the article id and make another SOQL query to fetch it every time additionally ?


Kind regards

  • September 20, 2011
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I am concerned about the way the META tags are displayed on our Force.com Site.


For example, do a View > Source on this particular page.


You will see the 'description' and 'keywords' META tags are present. However, the order in which the tag is written concerns me.


The tag in my vf page source code is written like this:


<meta name="description" content="...">


But when you View > Source on the page linked above, you will see that the meta tag is written in reverse, like this:


<meta content="..." name="description">


where the 'content' and 'name' attributes of my META tag are reversed from the way I have them written in my vf page source code.


You will see the same thing happens for the 'keywords' META tag.




  1. Does anyone know why the attributes are written in reverse order?
  2. Is there any risk to them being in reverse order?
  3. Can I somehow correct this? If so, can you please explain how to do so?