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please correct this code and help me earn this badge ...have completed all tasks ..except this one ....

IF( MONTH( NOW() ) = 12,
  DATE( YEAR( NOW() ), 12, 31 ),
  DATE( YEAR( NOW() ), MONTH( NOW() ) + 1, 1) - 1
Sales Managers have asked for an at-a-glance solution to see completeness on leads. Create a helper formula field that looks at 5 key fields on the Lead object and evaluates their completeness, then a second formula field that references the helper formula and returns an image.

>The helper formula field should be on the Lead object with a name of 'Lead Quality Helper' and a resulting API name of 'Lead_Quality_Helper__c'.
>The helper formula should be of type Number.
>The helper formula should evaluate the following 5 fields: Email, Phone, Company, Title, and Industry and return 0 if blank and 1 if not blank. >The formula should then add all the values together to return a total value.
>The image formula should be on the Lead object with a name of 'Lead Quality' and a resulting API name of 'Lead_Quality__c'.
>The image formula should reference the helper formula, and return an image based on the number returned by the helper formula. The helper formula should be of type Text. Note: All of these images are already available in your Developer Edition.

1 = /img/samples/stars_100.gif with alternate text '1 star'
2 = /img/samples/stars_200.gif with alternate text '2 stars'
3 = /img/samples/stars_300.gif with alternate text '3 stars'
4 = /img/samples/stars_400.gif with alternate text '4 stars'
5 = /img/samples/stars_500.gif with alternate text '5 stars'

If none of the fields are filled out, the default should be /img/samples/stars_000.gif with alternate text '0 stars'.
The 'Lead Quality' formula must be added to the Lead Layout page layout.

ok so im having trouble on this challenege on trailhead. im confused what it means by helper formula, like how would we create a helper formular? also how would we create a image formula?

thanks if anyone answers 
On the using basic in checking Formula challege. I have done the challege and tested the results but I cant get it to validate that its correct. I have re written the formula Multiple times now and everytime when I test it the validation fires as expected. But I can get it to validate through trailhead. I get the following error.

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The validation rule does not reference the 'IsClosed' and 'CloseDate' fields correctly. Take a look at the requirements again."

Here is the challenge:

Your number-crushing sales team has so many deals in the pipeline, you’re starting to see occasional problems with data quality. Namely, sales reps are forgetting to update the close date to a date in the future. Make a formula that requires an opportunity to have a CloseDate of today or any future date. Hint: this formula should reference the hidden IsClosed checkbox field on the Opportunity object, and you will be creating the formula as an Opportunity validation rule.The validation rule should be on the Opportunity object
The validation rule should be named 'Close_Date_Alert'
The validation rule should fire if IsClosed is not selected and CloseDate is yesterday or earlier
The validation rule should display the error 'Hey McFly, unless you are planning to go back in time, please update your close date' at the top of the page when triggered

Here is the formula I currently have in there:

CloseDate < TODAY() && NOT(IsClosed)

I have probably written this like 10 diffrent ways and cant get it to properly validate.


I'm still pretty much baffled by formulas (is there a "formulas for dummies" guide out there??).  I'm assuming this is one of those things that is completely easy for someone who knows what they're doing, but that's just not me (yet!).


Anyhow - we added a validation rule to Opportunities that the close date can't be in the past, which works as it should, but isn't really what we need. 

CloseDate < TODAY()

What we *actually* want is for the rule to only be triggered when either the Stage or Probability fields are changed, but not when other fields are edited.