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I'm having an issue on step 8 of the LIghtining Experience Trailhead.  I've loaded all the objects and the error still says: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Please check that all of the relationships are maintained for Opportunity Contacts and Adventure Packages that you upload from the spreadsheet."  I have all the explorers on the Adventure packages, where else would it be looking?


For this superbadge in the given entity relation diagram there is no connection that depicts the direct relation between Maintenance Request (case) and Equipment (Product). It is very confusing looking at the diagram given to understand this. Earlier in my solution to challenge 1 I assumed that there is no direct relation between the said objects and that I need to access the Equipment data by traversing the junction object (Work Part). Solution became much simpler when I swa that there is already a direct relation between Maintenance Request (case) and Equipment (Product).
Please look into this. Correct me I am wrong. Thank you.

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Write a SOQL query that counts the number of active Contacts for each Account in a set.