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I am working with a HTML area in Lightning on a Home Page. If the user clicks the link I would like the current page to be replaced with the item in the link.

At present regardless of the link target (i.e. _top) the page loads within the child frame below the navigation. This is fine in those instances where I want to keep the navigation but there are times where I want to replace the entire page contens with a different page.

Is there a trick that I am missing? These target options are part of the Salesforce WYSIWYG editor link options but don't seem to be operating as presented. 
I have a custom tab for a custom object that is used regularly in our org. We are making the switch to Lightning, but I cannot get this one tab to show up in Lightning. It is available in classic and I can access it from the waffle icon in Lightning. Below are some screen caps of me adding it to our Lightning navigation menu. I've set everything else up the same way and it is working fine. Any thoughts on what I could be missing?

Editing Lightning navigation menu