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Hi, I can't figure out what I'm missing... I've come back to "Creating Object-Specific Quick Actions" quite a few times now, and keep getting the same error:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
You do not have the correct account fields in the 'Update Account Information' quick action layout

In Setup, I'm in Account Buttons Links and Actions.  I've added a New Action to Update Account Information. I Edited the Layout to add the 4 fields requested: 'Account Name', 'Rating', 'Employees', and 'Annual Revenue'. Saved and added to Account Layout in both regular and Salesforce1 sections. 

After getting that error a few times, I've gone back in and tried these things and more, none of which worked:
- Added Quick Action to all 4 Account Layouts listed
- Tried adding fields as Predefined Field Values instead of just in the Layout
- Deleting and re-creating the Quick Action
- Adding all fields to the Layout instead of just the 4 listed

Please help!
Please help!  I am stuck on creating flows.  Can't seem to work.  I keep on re-doing my work and not sure if I am doing it right.  The challlenge as follows:

To pass this challenge you will need to create a flow that implements the business process of Account, Contact, and Opportunity data entry and place it on a Visualforce page.The Flow will need to be called 'New Customer Flow'.
The Flow should have a screen with fields for First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Opportunity Amount, and Opportunity Stage.
The Flow needs to have steps to create an account, a contact, and an opportunity from the data entered.
Opportunity name, close date and stage are required fields. Name the Opportunity '{Company Name} - {Last Name}', set the close date to one month from today and set the stage to 'Prospecting'.
The Flow should be invoked from a Visualforce page.
The Visualforce page should be called FlowPage.
The Visualforce page will need a component to reference the 'New Customer Flow' process.

If possible, if you can provide a snapshot.

Thank you.
I created the sample flow from "Collect Information from Users and then Operate on It with Visual Workflow" exercise , just (2) fields, Account (Text) and Phone (Number). The flow works and will create a new Account record but the phone number format is wrong ( see screen cap attached). Is there a way to fix this?
User-added image