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HI, Trailhead won;t give me credit for passing this trail but here is what I need to warn you about:

When perfomring the trailhead exercise at:
Make sure that you :
  • Put double quotes around the bulk input CSV file records  that you need to upload in the workbench PUT body.
  • Unquote the Name API field value that is in the workbench PUT body.
  • Verify that you see all records Process in SF UI : Setup->Bulk Data Load Jobs (It should say "Records Processed: 500". )
I have enclosed a screen scrape of a perfectly uploaded set of 500 records based on the Bulk Apex Jobs page but Trailhead still won't give me credit after doing these steps. See below:Trail head uploaded 500 records
I just wanted to let everyone know who is taking this trail because the figure for loading the data is incorrect and you will waste valuable time wondering why the batch load is failing. Thanks
Modify an AppExchange dashboard
Maria Jimenez is looking for reports and dashboards on AppExchange to track her team's transition to Lightning Experience. Install the AppExchange Dashboard Pack for Sales, Marketing and Service package into your Trailhead Playground and make some modifications. 

You’ll need your hands-on org username and password to complete this challenge. If you're using a Trailhead Playground, this article shows you how to find your username and reset your password. If you have trouble installing the package, follow the steps in this article.

In your Trailhead Playground, install the AppExchange Dashboard Pack for Sales, Marketing and Service.
Clone the 1-Account, Contact & Opportunity Data Quality dashboard and name it My Account and Contact Dashboard.
Add a dashboard filter on the Billing City field so that the dashboard only shows info about Accounts in London.
Save and refresh the dashboard.

I am trying to complete this challenge from past 4 hours still am not able to do it. Please help me guys! Guide me!!!!