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User-added image

Okay I need some help here. Is this data clean? Do I need to create objects for all 8 columns and new fields? What i should select for ID - External or salesforce while importing? Are there any errors or ambiguity in this data that need to be cleaned before importing?
Hi Team,
In an opportunity in Lightning, when we click in stage bar on "Closed" stage, then click on "Select closed stage", the system opens a popup asking which Stage user wants to select : Closed won, Closed lost, Cancelled. User-added image But in our implement
List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> mails = new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage>();
List<ID>ownerids=new List<ID>();

List<String> sendTo = new List<String>();
List<User>users=new List<User>();

for (case mycase : Trigger.new) {

    case oldcon = Trigger.oldMap.get(mycase.Id)
 if (mycase.ownerid != oldcon.ownerid ) {

     ownerids.add(oldcon.ownerid) ; 


   users=[select name,id,email from user where id in:ownerids];
    for(User u:users){



    Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
mail.setSenderDisplayName('Email alert');
mail.setSubject('Owner change');
String body = 'Dear User Owner changed';

How do I set up breadcrumbs to work in Community? I have a number of pages that I want to arrange hierarchically so that they can be displayed in a Breadcrumbs component as a path. The documentation on this is very poor.  When I drag Breadcrumbs component to a page it says "We can't load the Breadcrumbs component because it's not supported by any data. Once you add data, reload Community Builder to see your component."
How to add that data? I have tried to add relative links to pages under Administration > Pages > Site.com Studio > Sitemap, but that didn't seem to affect the Breadcrumbs component. (also, what are the relative links: /s/pageurl or /pageurl ?)


My requirement is to take location from user say after every 1 hours and the end time is 2 hours.
how to do this?

  var initDate = new Date(); // Or get the user login date from an HTML element (i.e. hidden input)
                    var interval;
                    interval = window.setInterval(function() {
                        var now = new Date();
                        if(hours=='' || hours==null || hours ==undefined){
                            if(now.getTime() - initDate.getTime() < hours*60*60*1000 && now.getDate() == initDate.getDate()) {
                            else {
                                var element1 = document.getElementById("stopInactive");
                                var element2 = document.getElementById("stop");
                    }, intervalInMinutes*60*60*1000);

Note: value of "hours" varaible : 2
value of "intervalInMinutes" : 1
I need some helps with Visualforce email template, I have received error
Error: Unknown property 'core.email.template.EmailTemplateComponentController.Case'

I have try to capture all asset product and serial number captured in the email related to a Case. And currently relate structure is below:
Case related Asset Booking with Asset and Serial number.

Here is the code I have entered

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="I am Product Loan Approved" recipientType="Contact" relatedToType="Case">
<messaging:plainTextEmailBody >
            <Style type="text/css">
                TH{font-size:11px; font-face:arial;background: #CCCCCC;border-width:1;text-align:center}
                TD {font-szie:11px;font-face: verdana}
                Table {border:solid #CCCCCC; border-width:1}
                TR {border: solid #CCCCCC; border-width: 1}
            <font face="arial" size="2">
<p>Hi {!Case.Contact},</p>
<p>Thank you for submitting an equipment loan</p>
<p>Your Loan request has been approved and we will be in touch once the equipment has been dispatched or ready for pickup</p>
<p>Please refer loan product details below: </p>
<table border="0">
        <th>Product Name</th>
        <th>Serial Number</th>
    <apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.Asset_c}">
<p />
Hi Viewers,

i want sent email when click on detail page custom button in opportunity obj. &update the fields 
1. send an email partner
2.channel manager(account owner of partner account)
3.account owner
4. fields should be updated like date= today,stage='duplcate',status= 'rejected'.

​can any one help me .

My scenario is :
Billing Document:Parent
Billing Item:Child
I need a detion trigger to delete Billing Item with Unit Price=0/Blank and Subsegment=Undefined.

Note:Billing document can also be created from SAP.So if any Billing Item with above mentioed criteria is there it should also get deleted
Hi All,
      i want to know about compliance and compliance team?
is anyone know about them?
     I want to get the jobname for the schedule class by using apex schedule class name or id. I don't know the when it was scheduled and job Name. Now I would like to add this schedule class and reschedule it again. When i try to add this job i am getting the following error "This Apex class has batch or future jobs pending or in progress" .

Mohan S
Hello friends
I have a doubt in batch apex.
I know by default batch size =200.
a)can we change the batch size? if yes where do we change it. assume I want to make it 400
b) if I have to process 1Lakh records for a particular object using Batch apex, how many times will the methods (START , EXECUTE , FINISH)
    be called?