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I am trying to run reports on a custom object I created (called Securities) and Accounts and Contacts.  I created a master-detail relationship between Accounts and Securities.

For example, an Account - Microsoft - would be linked to Security MSFT (and other securities that Microsoft might have).

I would like to run a report where based on a filter of a security (e.g. symbol starts with 'A'), I receive the accounts associated with that security and the contacts associated with that account.

I have contacted salesforce support and they say there is not way to do this in the salesforce reporting tool ( the create report tool will not allow the correct joins to be created).

This seems like a straight-forward enough report between 3 objects that are related. 

Any ideas as to how to create such a report? I am open to any and all suggestions.  Is there an app exchange app that will help me here?