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Hi All,

I am tring to authorize an org on visual studio code but when I am trying authorize it, I am getting the below error.

SFDX: Authorize an Org failed to run
Try this:
Kill the process running on port 1717 or use a custom connected app and update OauthLocalPort in the sfdx-project.json file.
19:31:13.241 sfdx force:auth:web:login --setalias VSCodePlayground --instanceurl https://login.salesforce.com --setdefaultusername ended with exit code 1

I have Killed the Process on port 1717 and tried it again then I am not getting any error but it is running for infinite time. 

Please help.

I must be overthinking this one as I can not get past the first report check.  Ihave continued you on through challenge 5 in my org but want to get past this first report to see how I am doing on the rest of them.

Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities
I have built it multiple ways and placed it in the sales reports folder.

1) Created an Account Report with a cross filter on Oppty and then filtering on Oppty type - does not equal Solarbot and get a count of 9.  

Error message: The 'Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities' report doesn't include the correct collection of accounts.

2) Created an Oppty report and just filtered on the oppty type = does not equal Solarbot and got a count of 31.

Error message: We can’t find a report with name “Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities” in the correct folder, or it uses an incorrect report type.

I thought maybe I read it wrong and I need to actually pull all opptys with Solarbot and have tried that as well.  Based ont eh error messages I am thinking I need an Account report but then I am not sure how to do it without a cross filter to pull Oppty type.