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My org has  namespace prefix ‘Openq__’ ,while saving apex class 

custom labels replaces namespace prefix with lower case ‘openq__’

can please help me out .

I have a map of this structure...


private Map<String,List<MyObject__c>> mymap = new Map<String,List<MyObject__c>>();

In order to keep things generic, it is not clear at all, how many string->list pairs there are going to be in the map. Now, if I repeat over one of these lists in a VisualForce page like this...


<apex:repeat value="{!mymap['someindex']}" var="el">

 ...how am I going to determine the actual size of mymap['someindex']? Eventually I want to do something as simple as this...


<li class="{!IF(count=mymap['someindex'].size,'active','')}">

However, the size method of a list does not seem to work in VisualForce. Anyways, this procedure already seems to require for me to wrap this stuff with a quite redundant count variable like so...


<apex:variable var="count" value="{!0}"/>
<apex:repeat value="{!mymap['someindex']}" var="el">
    <apex:variable var="count" value="{!count + 1}"/>
    <li class="{!IF(count=mymap['someindex'].size,'active','')}">

So, how would you do this, because my current solution looks like this and is far from generic at all and - as for my tastes - does not look good at all...


<apex:repeat value="{!mymap['myindex']}" var="el">
    <li class="{!IF(el.Property__c=='knownPropertyOfLastElementInList','last','')}">

...or is there a way to declare a getter in my controller that can receive parameters, somewhat like this...


<li class="{!IF(count=listlength('mymap','someindex'),'active','')}">

Cheers, Tobias.