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Hey, is there any WhatsApp group available for salesforce developers? I want to list down it on https://wagrouplink.com

thank you.
1. Associate the content delivery with Salesforce record
2. Password Protect content delivery that contain sensitive data
3. Customize the URL assigned to the Content delivery
4. Encrypt certain content delivery files

Kindly Help!

I'm stuck on step #2 of Einstein Analytics and Discovery Insights Specialist superbadge.  I'm getting this warning while checking the challenge:
Challenge #2 Not complete
The step "Churn Tenure' is in compact form, so the filter values need to be specifed as a minimum and maximum
The static step that feeds has the following the value:
"Tenure_Length": {
                "broadcastFacet": false,
                "label": "Tenure Length",
                "selectMode": "single",
                "type": "staticflex",
                "values": [
                        "display": "High Risk",
                        "value": "1 to 12 months",
                        "min": 1,
                        "max": 12

I'm using selection binding for min and max values.  The dashboard is correctly filtering:
User-added image
User-added image
Any ideas? 
I've tried a non-compact form step where I inject a saql fragment into the query, as well as where I inject min/max values using a range filter serialization...All these efforts end in the same challenge failure message.

Any help/suggesitions are welcome!
I don't know why, but Trailhead does not see that I've setup a user Samantha Cordero with the profile Field Sales User. I've create the Field Sales User profile, created the user Samantha Cordero, activate the user, generate a password, and logged in as the user. I even logged in as her in Salesforce 1, but I still get this message:
error message
Here is what her user detail page:
User-added image
Field Sales User profile:
User-added image

Can any one please help me on this :

How many times we can reschedule a certification exam? Is there any limit or we can reschedule it many times?

Hi, can someone help me out with the following questions. Any help would be appreciated. 

1. A developer is writing a visualforce page to display a list of the checkbox fields found on a custom object.
    What is the recommended mechanism the developer should use to accomplish this?
   A.Schema Builder
   B.Metadata API
   C.Apex API
   D.Schema class
2.  How can a developer modify a highly interactive V.F page to be very responsive and work  
       on both desktop mobile devices?
   A.Use <apex:includeScript> with the standerd Salesforce1 javascript library.
   B.Use <apex:includeScript> with a custom javascript library.
   C.Use <apex:actionRegion> tags
   D.use <apex:actionSupport> tags
3.  Which Statement is true regarding both flow and Lightning Process?
    A.Are able to embedded directly into V.F pages
    B.Can use Apex methods with the @InvoicableMethod annotation
   C.Are both server-side considerations in the order of Execution
   D.Can use Apex that implements the Process.Plugin interface
4. A developer receives LimitException; too many query row:50001 error when running code
   what debugging approach using the developer console provides the fastest and most accurate mechanism
    to identity component that may be recruiting an unexpected number of rows?
     A.Add (                      ) to the code to track SOQL Query
     B.Filter the debug log on
5. A developer must create a way external parents to submit millions of leads into salesforce per day. How should the developer meet this requirement?
      A.publicity expose an apex web service via Force.com sites
      B.Create a web service on Heroku that uses Heroku Connect
      C.Publicity expose a V.F page via Force.com sites
      D.Host a web-to-lead form on the company websites
6. Which statement is true about using Chatter in Apex?
     choose 2 ans
    A.Chatter in Apex rate limits match Chatter rest API rate limits
    B.Chatter in Apex methods honor the with sharing and without sharing keywords
    C.Posting a photo in chatter in Apex is synchronous and happens immediatly
    D.Chatter in Apex methods do not run in system mode they run in the context of the current user

7. What is a best practice when unit testing a controller?
    choose 2 ans
    A.simulate best interaction by leveraging text.setMock{}
    B.Set.query parameters by using get.parameters{}.put{}
    C.Access test data by using testalldatatrue
    D.verify correct page references by using get.URL{}.

Can you help me out by answering these questions.

1)A company has a custom object named Warehouse.Each warehouse record has a distinct record owner,and is related to parent Account in salesforce.


2)To which primitive data type in Apex is a currency field automatically assigned?


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I am Salesforce.com certified Force.com Developer.
My Certified expired in 2014.

How do i renew it ?

As i am not able to see any options for renewing the certificate
I created VF page. In that page I have one pageBlock. In that pageBlock I want to add one infoIcon with header.

Please see the Attachement.User-added image

I want to put this icon into red circle.



   I am new to salesforce. We owned one org and we have 5 application in it. We have also a set of custom objects and relationships.


Is there any proper tool exist to extract the existing data model into an excel sheet.


Ex:- We have Existing Account object. We have created a set of custom objects that is having a look up into account object.


is there any tool exist in appexchange which helps us to extract the relationship that exist with account object to a excel sheet.


Any tool that helps us to extract an object properties to an excel or to a file.


Please help me out on this. Thanks 

  • November 06, 2013
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where i get the WareHouse  App and  Recruiting App ? ple send me the link (not pdf ).


                                      (i want developed App to do practice )

Can some one clarify the answers for the following questions as different dumps have different answers for these questions.


What will cause the analytic snapshots run to fail? Please select 3 choices.

a)      The source report has been deleted.
b)     The target object has a trigger on it.
c)      The running user has been inactivated.
d)     The target object is a custom object.
e)      The source report is saved as Matrix report
2) An organization wants to leverage a custom objects to track bugs. The organization wants the ability to related bugs to parent bugs in a parent-child relationship. What type of relationship should be used? Select the Right Answer 
 1.    master-detail
2.     self
3.     hierarchical
4.     many-to-many
3) In a master-child relationship between a standard object and custom object. Which of the following statements is NOT true. Please select two (2) items. 
1.    Standard object is always the master
2.     Custom Object is always the master
3.     Custom object is always a child
5.     Standard or custom object can be a master
6.    Standard object is never a child
A manager in an organization wants to share specific fields of data to his subordinates that only he has access to. What is the best way to share specific fields of data? Please select 2 choices. 
a.       Run As on dashboards
b.      Folder Permission on a Report
c.       Run As on scheduled reports
d.      Folder Permission on a Dashboard
Manager is above the role hierarchy and wants to share some of the account records with his team mates/sub-ordinates. What do you do to achieve this functionality? Select 2 choices:
a)      Update dashboard folder.
b)     Update dashboard running user.
c)      Update report folder.
d)     Update report running user.
How a developer does enables user to access tags in the sidebar. Select 3 chocies:
1.    Adding tags to the sidebar in home page layout
2.    By enabling tags for public groups.
3.    Enabling Tags on user profile.
4.    By enabling Tags on page-layout and object.
5.    Enabling Tags for org
There are two M-D relationship has to be created on object X . The first m-d relation is created is the primary relationship. What is the effect of the primary relationship on X.
1.    Custom Report Type are limited to two primary relationship
2.    The primary set cannot b deleted
3.    there will be no effect on X
4.    X will inherit the look n feel of the primary master object. 
A job application object has a child review object to store candidate review. The review needs to be tracked between a score of 1 to 5. The score has to be a choice between 1 and 5 displayed as a radio button. How will a developer cater to this requirement? Choose the Right answer 
1.    Create 5 fields for scores (1 to 5) of type radio-button and use it in review page layout.
2.    Create a dependent pick list that feeds the radio button type field.
3.    Create a formula field
4.    Create visual force page with radio buttons for review object
What is true about a master-detail relationship? Please select 2 choices. 
1.    When the parent record has been deleted, all the child records will be deleted.
2.    You can have a child record without the parent record.
3.    You have to expose the master lookup field on the child detail page layout.
4.    You cannot delete a child record.
What are the components of the dashboard that use grand totals? please choose two (2) items?
a)      Chart
b)      Metric
c)      Table
d)     Gauge
What field can be controlled by translation workbench?
  1. Rule Criteria
  2. Formula
  3. Validation Errors
  4. Assignment Rules



Kalpana Reddy


We want to be able to log an object for historical purposes but it's way too much data to do that through salesforce so I figured we could dump the data into a CSV file. I want to be able to dump the CSV file itself directly to the attachments object if that's possible. 

The way I'm currently generating the CSV file is by using the following in my visualforce page...

<apex:page standardController="Facility_Carrier_Contract__c" extensions="mc_FCCCodeHistory" id="page" standardStylesheets="false" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" contenttype="application/x-excel#export.csv">



Im wondering what the limits are on exporting data from a salesforce org.  I noticed that when scheduling a data export through Setup > Administration Setup > Data Management > Data Export the most frequently scheduled export you can do is once a week.


If I create a data loader command line file and use a scheduled .bat to run this command line export every day, or every hour, will there be issues?


What if this data loader command line file only exports one object?  What if it exports the whole DB?


If someone could give answers for all the different kinds of salesforce editions that would also be fantastic.



  • April 02, 2012
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I recently upgraded my Force.com IDE (and all projects) to the Winter '12 release. Since upgrading, I've been observing that when I attempt to run unit tests against an Apex class, it often takes a very long time to execute. Even relatively simple tests sometimes take a minute or two to complete. The time doesn't seem to be spent during test execution, but rather during the "preparing results..." phase (based on the progress indicator in the IDE). Reducing the log level doesn't seem to have any impact one way or the other. I've also seen it simply get stuck in the "preparing results..." phase to the point where I had to kill the Eclipse process. Anyone else seeing this?

  • January 04, 2012
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Hi Everybody,


I need to take a test in DEV 401. Could anybody provide me sample questions to practice.I appreciate the help.







If you have to take an interview of any salesforce position, what all question could you ask ?


Salesforce Developer - Skills -Apex , Force.com API , AppExchange, S-Control .



Please feel free to ask any questions ?



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  • February 04, 2009
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I need to identify for a given case whether the owner of the case is a queue or an agent.


When I query the CASE table for OwnerId field, it gives me different string values and I was hoping to identify how to differentiate between whether this OwnerId references a Queue or if it references an agent.


Any clues?