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I am trying to figure out how to migrate emails + attachments from one system to SF using a java application.

When creating an email from the Salesforce Lightning UI, an EmailMessage and a Task is created. This way it shows up in the Activity timeline of the contact and by clicking the link you get redirected to the email.

I managed to do the same, create an EmailMessage and a Task, but the task is not related to the mail message. When clicking the link in the activity, I go to the Task object and not the MailMessage. It also doesn't display as nicely. It makes sence because I don't relate the task id to the mail message, because the EmailMessage.AcitivityId is not writable.

How to create an email, relate it to a contact and make it show up in the activity feed?

I am using lightning btw.
Hi all,

I'm stuck in the Apex Integration Services - Apex SOAP Callouts challenge with the following message "The Apex class 'ParkLocator' does not appear to be calling the SOAP endpoint.".

Could you please advise ?