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I'm working on the Data security module and there is the restrict login access by time. I can't find this option on my trailhead playground.  
I'm working on the Admin Beginner Trail and in the "Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards" badge, at the section "Visualize your Data with the Lightning Dashboard Builder"...

I have triple checked everything in the challenge and the error keeps telling me "Challenge not yet complete...here's whats wrong: Could not find a component in the 'Big Deals' dashboard with the title 'Opportunity Stages'...Has anyone got hung up here? I can't think of anything else to try. I even had our Salesforce Administrator look at it and she confirmed that everything looked accurate.
trying to finish the admin beginner trail, but in the module 'Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards' and then 4.) 'Visualize Your Data with the Lightning Dashboard Builder' 

I've done everything that is asked but it doesn't want to clear and I get the error:

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find a component in the 'Big Deals' dashboard with the title 'Opportunity Stages'."

This is a pretty straightforward exercise, so yes I'm in my personal dev org, and yes I have a Big Deals dashboard with the right 'Opportunity Stages' component (right name, donut chart, everything just how it should be,

any ideas on how to clear this trail?