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Hi guys,
I've heard about Intellij Idea and am trying to configure it for Salesforce development.
Is there any guides how to this?
Actually I'm not able to get a project from my dev org. The following message appears "module must use an Illuminated Cloud SDK".

Thank you!
  • September 19, 2016
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I have followed a progression.

1.  I built Lightning components on the developer console, and the documentation shows.

     In order to keep snapshots of my work as I went, I copied and pasted to emails that I sent to myself. 

2.  I attended Midwest Dreaming, and discovered that my compatriots worked in Sublime and Eclipse, and connected to Salesforce. 

     That would allow me to use git, as I'm used to.  

3.  I tried Sublime 3 with MavensMate.  I got a complaint that TLS 1.0 wasn't supported, only TLS 1.1. 

4.  I looked into using Eclipse with the Force.com IDE.  It's not clear that environment supports building Lightning components conveniently.

5.  I discovered that if you go to salesforce...devcenter/lightning, they talk about a plug-in for Sublime.  Not a MavensMate plug-in.  One made by Salesforce.

So my question is:  Where can I go for reliable, convenient development of Lightning components?
I am using force.com IDE (Ecilipse) for apex programming.
but I want to know other uses of Ecilipse and its benifits & drawbacks?.
why we are using ecilipse,and the benefites of ecilipse in salesforce,
i see some developer are used to ecilipse why?.