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My Lightning component and javascript button will be accessing the same Apex class. Would like to add the @Aura enabled notation to the class to make it lightning compatible but not sure if the class can be accessed in Lightning after that. 
I have users in both interfaces that need to access the same functionality across board.

Hello all,


I have a requirement for a visualforce page which would repeat tables of account related information. Now i can do this easily if its just an object with one single related object. However if i have for example an Account, then a related object, then an object related to that related object i find that it becomes a little more challenging because soql can only return 1 inner object. 


So, i know a wrapper class is the suggested resolution to this problem. However they are very poorly documented and i cannot 'wrapper' my head around them. lol terrible i know. For instance i don't know how i can build a list with all of these related objects to use in the visual force page.


So if someone could please walk me (and i'm sure countless others) through this process that would be greatly greatly appreciated. 


Here is what i'm trying to do:


Relating multiple=