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In the event that a Company doesn't have a Data Warehouse, can Salesforce be used to store data? Bascally, I would like to pull all the datas from my website to Salesforce in order to build a strong marketing performance strategy and customer retention strategy.

I would appreciate if anyone could clarify the pros/cons, risk or advantages of doing this? 

  • September 18, 2017
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How to use HYPERLINK in Formula (Number) type field?

Like, There is a exisitng field UserId__c (Number[18,0]).
I want to set custom HYPERLINK value and along with UserId__c value.
HYPERLINK("?id=" & TEXT(UserId__c), UserId__c)
On creation of Formula(Number) field. It will give Error: Incorrect argument type for function 'HYPERLINK()'.

Please help!

Prashant Raiyani

I have read in a few forums that there is a way to dispaly Tableau charts on a Visualforce page.  However, there is not much documentation supporting this.  

Any help out there is super appreciated.



May I know the Top 10 useful Salesforce Sites/Blogs to follow  please?



Thanks in advance.