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Hi All,

can we send email from Apex class with From address as no-reply @saleforce.com without setting Organization-Wide Addresses?

If we set Organization-Wide Addresses as no-reply @saleforce.com mail means Salesforce will sends a verification link to that email id, so that cannot be verified from us.
Can anyone advice on this.

trigger CheckPhoneFields on Contact (before update) {
  for (Contact contact: System.Trigger.new)
      if (contact.Phone != null && contact.Phone.length() > 20)
        contact.Phone.addError('Too many digits ('+contact.Phone.length()+').  20 max.');

This code works for inline editting, it does not save the changes and it displays the error.   Full page editing in the service cloud console does not display the error.

What is wrong here?

I have written apex class to auto approve step(except last and first step) of approval process if it is pending for more than 2 days, and I have scheduled that that apex class that runs every day and it is working fine.
Now if it got auto approved the next approval get an email that approval is pending for you. I am sending the email from approval process step only. I am setting comment of auto approval from code, comment like 'The previous step was auto approved'.
I need this comment to sent to next approval email? how to achieve    
HI Everyone 

Can anybody help for vf page design like this ..
User-added image