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I am trying to kick off a Flow using a Process whenever a Lead is created or edited.  The Flow does a lookup to an Object that collects email addresses that have bounced in our marketing platform, then returns a value based on whether the email address is bounced, unsubscribed, missing or other.

The combination of Flow and Process works well on a Contact record.  The same combination does not work on a Lead.  My question is whether this is a bug in Salesforce or whether there is a purposeful limitation here.  I have not been able to find the problem listed anywhere and my support case was closed because they don't provide advice on how Process Builder works (?!?).

The Process runs on the Lead object when created or edited.
The first (and only) decision branch has "No criteria - just execute the actions!"
The Immediate Action type is Flow and I can select the appropriate autolaunched Flow.
The Flow Variable can be selected; it is an sObject variable.
The Type is Field Reference.
The Value is where the problem lies.  I expect a selection box to "Select the Lead record that started your process" or "Select a record related to the Lead".  Instead, I get a "Select a Field" box with options like "Converted Contact ID >", "Created by ID >", etc.  There is no selection for Id, LeadId or anything similar, nor any way to edit the Value field directly.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?
Hi everyone,

I'm creating the Recruiting App using the guide provided Salesforce. I'm stuck at creating a task using process builder.
Background: When a Picklist value in Job Application object changes to 'Rejected' or 'Extend an Offer', actions are performed accordingly. The actions should cause creation of a Task record where:
1) 'Assigned To' lookup field should be populated with the Owner of the Job Application object record. For this I'm filling it with [Job_Application__c].OwnerId
2) Priority field should be set 'High'.
3) Status field should be 'Not Started'.
4) Subject field should be 'Send Rejection Letter' or 'Extend an Offer' depending on the criteria.
5) Due Date field should be '[Job_Application__c].CreatedDate + 1 or Now() + 1 depending on the criteria.
User-added image

User-added image

'Criteria for Executing Actions' is set to 'Conditions are met'
Action is executed when 'All of the conditions are met (AND)'

User-added image

But when I change the picklist value of any Job Application record, nothing happens. No Task record is created. I've done everything exactly as mentioned in the Recruiting App guide but no luck.
Suggestions will be very helpful.

I need to send out an email with attachment, whenever an attachment is added to a record. Is this possible via the proces builder or do I have no choice but to write a trigger?