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I have Map<String, String> m1 = ........;/(Map Contain only one record information)
And I want to update the record into account How can I do this?
Hi,  I have just returned from mat leave on 7/31 and I am trying to work through my certifications but I am experiencing issues.  I am unable to access the videos for the Salesforce Services Methology badge, I get a blank screen when i click on the video links.  Also I have taken to two tests and they are indicating my answers on a few questions are incorrect when they are actually correct which inturn having to take the tests multiple times. I have not completed the Red Accounts test until this is resolved.  Can someone please review my account access?


Hi all,

I've been experimenting with ways to print part of a page layout by using an Onclick Javascript custom button. I've got it to print the div I want using the following code;

var prtContent = document.getElementById("ep");
var WinPrint = window.open('', '', 'left=0,top=0,width=1024,height=768,toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,status=0');

It prints the right bit, but obviously it doesn't pick up the necessary CSS to make it half-way decent. I've tried to make it pick up the CSS by using various combinations of;

WinPrint.document.write('<link rel=stylesheet href=common.css>')
WinPrint.document.write('<link rel=stylesheet href=extended.css>')

Variations include just using one or other line, and other including the /sCC/40.0/. . . etc. etc. full links. 

The problem that I have when using these is that nothing appears on the printed document at all :) Anyone got any ideas? I'd like to make this work instead of going down the Visualforce rendertoPDF route, to be honest, in case people think of that :)