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Hello Community, 

Need some help on this challenge " Creating and Using Custom Controllers"

Here is my criteria: 
Create a Visualforce page that uses a custom controller to display a list of cases with the status of 'New'.The page must be named 'NewCaseList'.
The custom controller Apex class must be named 'NewCaseListController'.
The 'NewCaseListController' Apex class must have a publically scoped method named 'getNewCases'.
The 'getNewCases' Apex method should have the return type of 'List' and return a list of case records with the ID and CaseNumber fields and filtered to only have a status of 'New'.
The 'NewCaseList' Visualforce page must use an apex:repeat component which is bound to 'newCases'.
The apex:repeat component must refer to the var attribute as 'case'.
Within the apex:repeat component, bind a apex:outputLink component to the ID of the case so that the page directs the user to the detail page of the respective case record.

Here is my error received:
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Case records were not returned upon calling 'getNewCases'. Either the method does not exist, or it does not return the expected list of cases.

Here are my codes: ( I've adjusted some code in respect to other threads on the subject to make you aware)
Controller Class Code

Controller Class

New Case List VFP Code

VFPage Code

Please advise this has been a very interesting one from a code perspective and being a newbie of sorts quite challenging lol.