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Is there away to control which values users from a particular profile see from a Picklist Field?
I have a field on opportunity object that contains values that i only want Users from a certain profile to see/use (As they mistakenly select values they should NOT touch) 

Whats is the best practice or an appropriate way to go about this? 
I have a formula field on opportunity which calculates(addition) the field A and Field B and put it in Formula field, for some reason its not working for one opportunity, can anyone advise me on this.
Module: Workflow Rule Migration
Unit: Map Your Workflow Criteria to Process Criteria
Topic: Implement the Criteria in Your Process
Item: 5, b, ii

I could not find "Support Plan" inside Case field list.

I am not able to continue the exercise unless I create a custom field inside Case.

Please help!

best regards,

I've been working on this trail for a bit - and while I undertsand the concepts, I'm stumped on why I'm getting this error: 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
A Create a Record action for the Closed Won criteria node isn't properly configured. Make sure that it creates a draft contract according to the instructions in the ‘Create contract for closed opportunity’ task action. Make sure that Start Date is set by using a formula.

I've gone over all of the workflow tasks information to recreate the contact. If I activate the process and close an opportunity, it creates a contract with the expected information and the date is 1mo away with 12mo term. The workflow's task (which is the template for the actual contract) specifies the following: 
Use the closed opportunity to create a contract for the associated account. 

Account: The account associated with this opportunity
Status: Draft
Contract Start Date: 1 month from today
Contract Term: 12
Here are my actions: 
User-added image

The Contract Start Date is set to the following formula:
    YEAR(Today()) +
    FLOOR((1 + MONTH(Today())) / 12) -
    IF (MOD(MONTH(Today()) + 1, 12) = 0,

    MOD((1 + MONTH(Today()) - 1), 12) + 1,


Again, for all practical purposes I'm passing this, as it functions and the contract is created. But I must be missing some small detail, named field, something that's tripping up the validation settings. Any help is appreciated!

Has anyone seen a formula that based off the country field being a foreign country than the phone field would format to the correct sectioning of the phone number
Country Field = China
THAN update phone field upon save to
Phone Field=  +86 (10) 6505 0998
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Hello all,
Hopefully someone can offer some helpul advice before I pull out whats left of my hair!!
When I go to change the ownership of an account (without checking any boxes) it automatically changes ownership on the Opp level and modifies all existing notes and attachments.
I'd like to change the ACCT ownership without using the data loader but need to keep the OPP w/ the same owner- any ideas?
I'd truly appreciate any helpful tips! This is my first post.

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