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I see instructions on initiating an approval flow, but are there any instructions on auto approving for a particular approval step based on some criteria?

I have a Flow that is kicking off at the same time as the approval process and the approval process is completing it's steps first, before the flow can run it's, thereby ending up at the wrong approval step.

I am trying to implement Processes and visual flows in my organisation but i need to have "does not contain" operator in the flows.
It is not shown in the list. That could be a big problem if i am not able to use it.
Any ideas somehow to replace it?


Hi All,


How can I create a __share for a custom object.


For Ex: I have created a custom object named  MyObject and how can I create a share object for it named MyObject__Share.


Note: I have the permission Manage Users as described in the docs.


Any help is appreciated.



  • November 27, 2013
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