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I can't seem to get into my playground.  I click to go there and I get stopped at the install because of insufficient permissions.  It seems to think I am going to install it in our actual production environment.  I can't get it into the playground.   Thank you.

I am trying to complete the Visualizing Your Data with Dashboards and Charts module for the Reports and Dashboards Trail, and I keep getting this error below even though my Dashboard has all the criteria required. 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
One or more of the following is incomplete in the Dashboard: no component uses the 'Cases by Status' report as a source report, your component does not have a 'Cases by Status' header, and/or your component does not have a 'New vs Closed' title.

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard I have created in my Trailhead Playground. 

User-added image
Can anyone help me out here so I can complete this Trail?


Eric Schmeisser