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I'm trying to change my domain name mydomain.force.com to mydomain.com 


I've read http://www.adnsandbox.com/df08/sites_using_custom_domain.pdf but the issue I'm having is creating those CNAME records on Go Daddy.


On Godaddy I have the option to change the A (Host) record from @ to an IP address which from reading articles on their site is what I would need to do but instead of an IP address I think I need to have it say mydomain.force.com but it'll only let me put an IP address in.


If anyone has experience with this or might be able to offer suggestions I'd highly appreciate it. Currently I'm forwarding mydomain.com to mydomain.force.com and this in turn I believe has resulted in my site not being searchable on Google anymore because I do not have the custom domain configured (my site has been running for about 3 months now).



  • December 04, 2010
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