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This is the page i am having issues with. The issue that I have is that there is not a dropdown selection for MAILING STREET in the first dropdown. I only see billing street for both. When i type in MAILING STREET, states no matches found. 

Any help would be great!

I am getting an error when trying to verify this Challenge:
The text of the error reads:

"There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: OIEEXEDH. Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: MALFORMED_QUERY: When retrieving results with Metadata or FullName fields, the query qualificatio​ns must specify no more than one row for retrieval. Result size: 2"

I've tried this Challenge several times, deleting work and starting over and nothing seems to fix the issue. The instructions specify the same field value('Expected Revenue') for 'Prospecting' and 'Needs Analysis' - I thought this might be the cause of the retrieval of 2 values when it should only be 1 according to the error text. Removing the second instnace of this field value does not correct the problem.

It seems there was a similar error for a different Challenge(Global Value Sets in the Picklist Administration) in the past; the solution for that instance of the error indicated that fixing picklist settings to specify ony "one global value set" would correct the issue. This Challenge does not require any picklist settings so the user cannot go back and correct this anywhere.

Hi, I've been trying to get this module to validate for the past few weeks and submitted feedback about it twice.

I keep getting the following error message: 

Step Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The process actions are improperly configured because: it does not have an action named 'Update Contact Address', or it does not use the contact Mailing Street, or it does not use the account Billing Street. 
Note: you may run into errors if you've skipped previous steps.

I've had colleagues look over my work and nothing was found. 

I have tried naming the action "Update Contact Address" (as it says in the error message) and "Update Contact Addresses" (as in the exercise) and it just doesn't seem to matter at all.

User-added image

I didn't skip any steps and have the previous two sections validated.

Can I have some assistance, please?

Thanks in advance.