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HI Trailers, I don't seem to be able to pass this one, I have been googling for couple days and reading everything I could find but nothing seems to work. Here's screenshot of Custom Object (Favorite) and how I set up the Relationshiop. However I keep getting this Error. Anyone else have simliar issue? also which Object is the master and which is the detail? which Custom Obj would you be working if you want it to be the Master? Instructions are confusing me! I could really use some help here. so please if you can appreciate and thanks in advance..

I am on the Admin beginner module and currently on the last exercise where i need to install the app from appexchange. But whenever i try to get it now it prompts me for the credentials and i provide Playful credentials and it is not working.
Please advice what are the correct steps for the same

I am having trouble with the above Trailhead module.

Here is my Challenge:
Create a custom list view
Lance Park, one of Ursa Major Solar’s sales reps, wants to see a list of opportunities that are in the late stages of negotiation or have high probability to close, or both. Step into Lance’s shoes and make that happen.
  • Use the App Launcher to open the Sales app
  • Create a list view for opportunities named High Probability Opportunities
  • Let all users see the list view
  • The list should show only opportunities whose stage is Proposal/Price Quote and Negotiation/Review, and whose probability is greater than or equal to 50%.
I already created a custom list view namely - High Probability Opportunities as under:
On this page :https://na50.lightning.force.com/one/one.app#/sObject/Opportunity/list?filterName=00B6A0000030MhaUAE

The error that I am getting is:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'High Probability Opportunities' list view does not appear to be configured correctly. It should show only opportunities whose stage is 'Proposal/Price Quote' and 'Negotiation/Review', and whose probability is greater than or equal to 50%.

Can anyone help me?