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Hi Expert,

I need to replace a JS button in lightning experience.
Code behind JS button: /apex/<some_managedpckg_vf_page>?id={!Opportunity.Id}&Object=Opportunity

Note: the page is a managed package with the controller having no public methods and no access.

Could you please sugget me a workaround for this requirement. Thanks a lot. Its bit urgent.
We have 3 Javascript buttons which change the record type and reassigns the case to a queue. Here is an example 


var caseObj = new sforce.SObject("Case"); 
caseObj.Id = '{!Case.Id}'; 
caseObj.RecordTypeId = '012400000009FQA';
caseObj.OwnerId = '00G40000001dp2s'

var result = sforce.connection.update([caseObj]);

if (result[0].success =='false') {
alert (result[0].errors.message);
} else {

I am looking for detailed step-by-step instructions/tutorial to convert this to Lightning Component. 

Thank you in advance.