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Is there a way to enable the Chatter Setting Out-of-office via cli after creating a scratch org?


Hi Guys

I want to understand a concept. I have 4 custom objects.

  1.  Position
  2.  Candidate
  3.  Job_Application
  4.  Review

The Job_Application object has two master-detail relationships. One is related to Position and the other is related to Candidate. Now if I want to create another master-detail relationship in the Job_Application object. Framework will not allow me to do that, because we have limit of two master-detail relationships per object.

I'm trying to create a master-detail relationship in the Review object with the master Job_Application and the detail Review object. But when I choose master-detail relationship type and go to the next page to relate it with an object(master). I do not find Job_Application object in that related to list. Why? Is it possible to create a master-detail relationship with such an object which is already detail of two objects? It could be the master of another object? I think it should be possible but don't know what is the reason behind that I'm unable to see the Job_Application object in related to list. Please guide.