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I completed the steps in the Einstein Prediction Builder trailhead, but the prediction field remains unpopulated.  The trail said it would take 24 hours to complete, but it has been over a month.  Also, it looks like the module was removed from Trailhead since I can't find it now.  Also, my case with support was closed as out of scope since this deals with a special Trailhead Sandbox.  Is that right?
Hi All,
I am trying to add feedback to my current Einstein model, but I can see we can only pass data value from our local. Is there a way to add samplebase64 content as the parameter in my call.
How can i learn Apex? I know nothing about it but feel like improving my skills in developing. 
Any books?Videos?Courses? (Will courses help me or is it a "waste of money"?)

I am a newbie in using salesforce.com and i'm from a web design background. What technologies and skills do I need to start creating lighthing app and components?
  • Do I need to be a Salesforce Admin expert? 
  • Do I need to be a Developer who specializes in HTML,CSS,Javascript, APEX, or JAVA?
  • What tools can I use to start creating and designing? (Bootstrap, Dreamweaver, Delevoper Console)



I need a list of all "LanguageLocaleKey" codes in salesforce used while inserting users.

 for e.g "en_US" for "English(US)"