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I am new to Visualforce and I am doing the Trailhead: Visualforce Basics Module - Use Standard Controllers.  The instructions state:
To preview your page in the context of Lightning Experience, open your browser’s developer console and enter:
    {"url": "/apex/pageName"}).fire();
I am not sure where to enter this.  When I enter it in the Visualforce page the text just show up on the Visualforce page preview.  I must be missing something.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I promise I've googled everything I can possibly google to find the answer!

Is it possible? 

The only thing I've found says to turn on Feed Tracking for the object and it will magically appear...which I've done, and no such luck.

Is it code?  Is it a magic box? Is it a pipe dream?

My page layout shows the Publisher Actions (which is my overall goal), but I cannot figure out how to make it actually appear.