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I'm currently on the Admin Beginner trail and I have ONE LAST Hands-on challenge with  "Extend Your Reporting Strategy with AppExchange" to complete the beginner level. 

Sadly despite having the correct login, password when I go to install the "Salesforce Adoption Dashboards package" I get the following message before being allowed to install it: 

User-added image

Of course I am the Salesforce administrator. I reset my password and logged back in to the same result. I searched these forums & elsewhere online with no luck with the info provided. I still receive the same message and I can't log in despite my information being correct. Additionally I am being given the test-dot-salesforce-dot-com URL 

I saw some forum posts about checking off the "Download AppExchange Packages" checkbox in my profile but alas it's not there. I searched all over my account in "Administration" in Setup but there is nothing that even matches that or gives me an option to allow the downloading of AppExchange apps. 

As far as I can tell everything is correct so I have no idea why it's not accepting my login and why I am getting the runaround. 

What can I possibly do to login and download this package??? 

Major thanks to anyone who can help me get past this obstacle.