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I have my Salesforce.com Certified Administrator credential, and would like to gain more experience in the field.

I would like to volunteer my time (20 hours a week) to help a non-profit with any Salesforce.com admin tasks.

I am located in the Fremont California (USA) region, but naturally, can work remotely with any English-language org.

Appreciate any leads or any direction you can give.


Sunny Singh
Hi everyone,

Can anyone please help to me create a trigger for the following condition.

I have a Pricebook called  "Bulk Price Book". I need to assign this pricebook for the opportunity only when a particular Opportunity Record Type (Bulk Services) is choosen. I need the coding . Since i don't have much knowledge about triggers and coding.

PriceBook  -  Id,Name('Bulk Price Book')
Opportunity - RecordTypeId,PricebookId

It will be very useful to me in future to buildup my own.

Thanks in advance.