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I'm doing the Set Up the Exchange Rate hands-on but keep getting an error. I've doublechecked thing and I'm still getting this message  
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  
We couldn’t find Currency Type and Decimal with the correct information. Ensure that you have selected the correct currency type and entered the decimal information.
My issue may be tied to creating the Global Action and the appearance of a recod type field.
When I take the challenge, I get the following error:
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find an Opportunity Quick Action with the Label 'New Offer' and the action type of 'Create a Record'."

User-added image

It would seem I did everything right, but I also see a Record Type field with 3 options, Products, Serivces, or Master. I set it to 'Master'. 
User-added image
I then set the Predefined Field value to Stage: 'Qualification'
User-added image
User-added image

Then set the Publisher layout.
User-added image

Am I missing something?

Thanks to anyone who can help. It would seemt the system can't find my Quick Action.

Can someone help me?

I keep getting this result: "The 'Sales Rep Win Rates' report chart does not appear to be using a vertical bar chart" although the report dóes show a vertical bar chart.
It's in:  "Create Reports and Dashboards for Sales and Marketing Managers; "Visualize Your Data"

I tried by doing the whole trail again in a fresh/new dev org, but keep getting the same result.

I'm having some trouble with a formula. I want to populate a date field with the days date when the opt out check box is checked. Anybody have any suggestions? 

Here's what I tried which didn't work:

IF salesforce Opt_Out__c = "True" TODAY()
We're having trouble with the "Extending Reports using the AppExchange" module in Trailhead

We keep getting the same error when checking the challenge at the end of the module:

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'LEAD Trend by Source' dashboard component does not have the wedges set to 'Lead Source'.

Wedges ARE set to 'Lead Source', did anybody get this error message? do you know what the solution may be? Thank you!

I want to populate the Systemdate(i.e Day date) in the current_Date_sys date field if my checkbox  sys_check is checked.


and if it's  unchecked then i  want to make the current_Date_sys field blank.


Can anyone guide me on this formula?