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IN order to use go through the "Use SOAP API unit, I need to use an external tool to submit the SOAP request.
This requires the password and token.
I can generate the token, but I have no way of resetting the password.
I used the password that I used to login into the developer.salesforce.com, but that didn't work.

I created a playground to use for this, but I can't reset the password associated to my account.
hi..! friends
if I am trying to save an apex class,  I  am getting so many asci code errors,
here is my program and related errors:
apex class with asci code errorserror

and my friend saved this program and he did not get any error when he was writing this.but i have got these so many times.
and when i was writing this program, i did not get any error only whenever i am trying to copy any program, i will get these errors :

here is the common error:
'invalid identifier '    public list'.Apex identifiers must start with an ASCII letter (a-z or A-Z) followed by any number of ASCII letters(a-z or A-Z),digits(0-9),'$','_',or unicode characters from U+0080 to U+FFFE-'.