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Hi All,

I am working on a requirement where the metadata type of the field is datetime and is used in several places. However, in one of the vf pages i need to show only the "date" which needs to be extracted from datetime.

Here's what i tried :
1.) Assign the value from datetime field to a string variable to get the substring.(NOT possible to assign datetime to string)
2.)Assign the value from datetime to date. In this case i get a totally different date value i.e with a difference of almost a month.
Below is the snippet for the same.

datetime finishDatetime;// datetime
date finishDate; // date only

finishDatetime= sr.CKSW_BASE__Finish__c;
finishDate=finishDatetime.date();   //This gives me the value of Feb 28th when converted to date along with a string of 0's and GMT where as the original value in the backend is around March 15th.

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
Bharath Kumar M